How Automated SMS Texting is Changing Human Resources Departments

By Ken Rhie, CEO, Trumpia

Ken Rhie, CEO, Trumpia

When you are ready to revolutionize your human resources department, it's time to put your latest technology to work. With the implementation of SMS texting and automation features, you will be providing your HR department with the tools they need to perform their job functions easily. You'll decrease the number of mistakes made on payroll, and you'll open an effective line of communication between your employees and HR. As you research ways on improving communications within your company, you will learn how automation and the use of texting will benefit your overall communication strategy. 

"With the ability to text regarding upcoming meetings or to request information, your employees are going to be better connected to your company"

Accepting New Job Applications

Your HR department can get flooded with new job applications when a job is advertised. Now that accepting applications can be done online, it is also possible to get permission at the time of the application to send out text messages to the person applying for the job. Once you have the permission, you can send out texts to request further information, to set up an interview, or to simply let the applicant know that the job has been filled. This streamlines the process of accepting and processing applications. 

Coordinating Interviews for Potential Job Seekers

When you are running a large business, it may require you to coordinate with many colleagues to set up interviews for candidates. Scheduling interviews can be almost impossible, unless you are using an SMS texting platform that allows you to send and receive messages in order to coordinate busy schedules. 

Getting Your New Employee Ready to Work

Once you've decided who you are going to hire, you'll need to get your new employee ready to begin work. This often involves filling out all kinds of paperwork and scheduling orientation in order to get your employee prepared for the job they were hired for. When the employee can send questions to HR through text messaging, the process is more efficient. You can send the new employee links to forms, information about benefits, and even motivational messages for their first weeks of work. 

Improve Company Wide Communication

Once your HR department hires and onboards a new employee using an SMS texting platform, you'll begin to see how much easier internal communication is using the same platform. You'll be able to reach all of your employees through text messaging. According to Pew Research Center, 95 percent of adults in the United States now own cell phones. You will be able to reach your employees instantly, no matter what the reason. 

SMS texting and the process of automation have a wide variety of applications for communication between your HR department and your employees. Whether your HR department is trying to accept applicants for a widely-posted job, or internal communication has been lacking, SMS texting will make communication easier. With the ability to text regarding upcoming meetings or to request information, your employees are going to be better connected to your company. Your employees are carrying their cell phones everywhere they go, you might as well make use of the valuable technology by setting up SMS texting software for your business.

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