Hirezon Corp.: Transforming HR Processes for Higher Education Industry

Naray Viswanathan, Founder & President, Hirezon CorpNaray Viswanathan, Founder & President
Technology is ushering paradigm shift in the HR processes across various industry verticals. However, higher education has been on the slower side of HR technological transformations. “Even today, approximately 40 percent of universities and colleges are using a manual process for their recruitment,” states Naray Viswanathan, Founder and President of Hirezon Corporation. In this manual process, the sheer volume of paperwork that has to be reviewed and approved by designated staff such as Department head, Vice President, and President, for every personnel request is bound to lead to errors. “In short, the process is laborious and time consuming.” By digitizing the recruitment process along with talent management tasks, Hirezon has been able to provide a streamlined approach that addresses many challenges HR departments come across. For instance, Hirezon’s Interview Exchange, a SaaS-based Applicant Tracking System (ATS), enables HR to eliminate clerical work by going paperless making the recruiting process more efficient.

Hirezon’s wide array of products offers solutions to HR function in every step of the recruitment and selection process, starting from posting jobs to background checks till the final selection process. To provide additional value to the higher education institutions, the company integrated its system with other higher education job boards such as,,, Job Target One Click and background check vendors like TalentWise and Hire Right. Following the job listing, reviewing all application materials, interviewing and identifying the final candidate, another increasingly important process is background check for new hires. The integration of background check vendors with Hirezon’s Interview Exchange system allows universities to conduct employment background checks and order drug tests of potential hires electronically with just a few clicks. This integrated solution assists HR to make decisions expeditiously and compliantly, minimizing the time to fill open positions.

We make our products user-friendly and produce good data for customers to improve process efficiency

Hirezon’s Pay-Per-Job-ATS, first of its kind, offers a full-featured applicant tracking system from sourcing to hiring on a job-by-job basis. This solution manages all applications; allows HR to review applicants’ files; and provides hiring committees with powerful hiring tools to assist with each step of the selection process.

An institution’s opportunity to make a great first impression with a new employee begins with onboarding process. Hirezon’s Onboarding system allows creation of welcome kits that can be sent to new employees upon their acceptance of an employment offer. It includes the paperwork that would traditionally be filled out by the employee as well as the paperwork to be completed on campus.

Many universities have witnessed increased efficiencies in their recruitment and selection process by deploying the solutions offered by Hirezon. In one instance, the Chief Human Resource Officer (CHRO) of a public university in Massachusetts was on the lookout for a software solution that would make their search and selection process efficient and less costly, as the process was very labor intensive, manual and time consuming. To improve the process the CHRO decided to go with the Interview Exchange ATS by Hirezon. This solution made communication with candidates automatic and search committees were at leisure to work on their tasks at any time from any location using the web based system. It eliminated duplication of administrative effort which resulted in saving lot of time, labor and cost at once.

The company is set to forge forward with mobile responsive candidate and new hire portals, mobile responsive HR forms approvals, tenure track promotion automation. “We are committed to provide a user friendly recruitment technology and talent management solution for every higher education institution whether they are small colleges or large universities,” concludes Viswanathan.