Hyrell: Hiring Made Easy With Cloud-based Automation

Brian Clark, CEO, HyrellBrian Clark, CEO
From sorting through stacks of unqualified resumes to finding the best-fit for a particular position, many recruiters are continuously challenged by the humungous task of hiring the finest talent pool. These impending pain-points in the Human Resources (HR) landscape led to the launch of Hyrell, a recruiting and hiring management solutions provider for recruiters across firms. Founded on a principle that hiring a new employee is a rewarding experience that results in timely return on investments, Hyrell is committed to meet recruiting challenges with simple yet powerful web based Applicant Tracking System. Brian Clark, CEO of Hyrell upholds that, “The logic-driven process of hiring the most qualified and best-fit applicants lends itself to use by any industry or market segment in today’s business world.” The Hyrell cloud-based hiring system helps organizations to quickly find, qualify, engage, and hire new employees from any device at any given time.

The company’s Software-as-a- Solution (SaaS) simplifies the elaborative process of tracking applicants— with Position Posting tool, each open position is automatically posted to multiple internet job boards and applicant traffic is directed right into a single system. With Hyrell’s Applicant Tracking System applicants are immediately scored, ranked and sorted allowing recruiters to solely focus on the most qualified candidates. The company centralizes job applications enabling managers to effortlessly manage recruiting tasks within one system. Engaging timely communications with the applicants, the automatic email updates sent by this tracking system builds positive rapport between recruiters and applicants.

Prior to adopting Hyrell’s Applicant Tracking System, the Greater Richmond ARC’s hiring and recruiting process was laborious and disorganized.Greater Richmond ARC, an organization that provides continuum of programs and services for individuals with developmental disabilities, approached Hyrell for a cost-effective, easy-to-use applicant tracking system.

The hiring demands of each company can easily be accommodated due to the scalability of Hyrell’s systems and processes

Using Hyrell, ARC drastically reduced the time it takes its HR department to review applications and pass qualified candidates to hiring managers. “We are saving countless hours in the Human Resources area, as the Hyrell product eliminates the tedious task of screening and evaluating applicants manually,” says Charles Story, Vice President of Human Resources at ARC.

Not only does it track and evaluate the applicants, Hyrell’s Applicant Tracking System provides valuable HR and recruiting data to make informed decisions about the hiring process. The customizable reports released by the company lets hiring managers measure and share hiring analytics to gain insights into all facets of recruiting process. Having learnt that every business has different hiring requirements and procedures, Hyrell gives its clients the flexibility to customize their hiring workflows and position templates in line with their business goals. To this end, Clark propounds that, “The hiring demands of each company can easily be accommodated due to the scalability of Hyrell’s systems and processes.” The company partners with leading service providers and systems integrators like ADP, Caliper, Criteria and ZERORISK, to equip recruiters with necessary tools that make the right hiring decisions.

Since its inception in 2007, Hyrell catered to a multitude of organizations from multinational franchises to single store start-ups. Incorporating the client-driven requests for enhancements and integrations, Hyrell foresees tremendous opportunities to innovate and maximize growth along the way. “As the Co-founder and CEO of Hyrell Online Hiring Systems, my overriding objective is to maximize growth opportunities for our company,” concludes Clark.