Kwantek: Powerful and Affordable Solutions to Simplify Recruiting

R. Collie King, III, CEO & President, KwantekR. Collie King, III, CEO & President
“Hiring the best is your most important task” a very subtle remark made by the technology trailblazer Steve Jobs fits perfectly in the current hiring scenario. For years, the companies have been spending a fortune to hire the best talent, and onboard them quickly, effortlessly and expediently. However, the HR arena is undergoing a dramatic transformation going beyond the old recruiting strategies to embrace powerful and unique HR solutions. At the forefront of this very transformation is Kwantek, a company that provides assessment tools which filters through a large volume of candidate applications and identifies the best. “Also, our digital processes, onboarding new hires can be completed remotely along with ensuring compliance in real-time,” says R. Collie King, III, CEO and President, Kwantek. Headquartered in Louisville, KY, the company specializes in providing businesses with the innovative, robust hiring tools.

Kwantek was started with the idea of integrating two companies, one that provides an assessment tool and the other that delivers Applicant Tracking System (ATS), to assist a large regional labor intensive company with their hiring processes. “This combination changed the face of Kwantek for better, and now the company is expanding its HR expertise to other labor intensive companies all over the country,” states Collie King.

With an industry presence of more than a decade, Kwantek offers streamlined web-based and user-friendly services in one centrally controlled platform. “Kwantek can be easily integrated into clients’ website, without any mention of Kwantek and creates a proprietary feel to the applicant with a sorted appearance,” states Collie King. Kwantek makes it easy to apply for jobs through a phone or tablet, ultimately delivering more options for applicants to complete the HR processes. “Our solution can be customized and controlled primarily by the clients.

Our digital processes, onboarding new hires can be completed remotely along with ensuring compliance in real-time

They do not have to call us to do changes or add users,” he adds. Kwantek’s simple and affordable ATS eliminates paper work, bad hires, and hours of staff efforts.

Kwantek, the innovative hiring tool possesses a job listing page that assists staffs to manage vacancies with ease. It possesses a sleek sidebar navigation module and action panel that makes it easy to keep track of all the job listings posted. With the help of this software, organizations can filter jobs by city, state, job status, and visibility sorting candidates based on the hired and filed columns. Kwantek also aids companies to easily scan the activity of the job listing and see the number of job applicants in accordance with their last log in details. Additionally, the users can also sort these columns by clicking on the header available in the software and group jobs with a simple drag and drop option. “The software helps organizations to update the job status with a simple selection of an updated status eliminating another click from the process,” Collie King adds. Kwantek software helps organizations to fill their positions more efficiently, effectively and without any hassle.

The company differentiates itself with its best-of-the-breed solution. “Our easy to use software combined with unique background of knowing the clients from their side of the fence and practical industry knowledge sets us ahead of our competitors,” claims Collie King. “We update our solutions and services in a timely manner to ensure that we meet the unique needs of clients.”

Forging ahead, Kwantek aims to enhance its product offering and continue to grow within the market in a smart and sustainable manner. “In future, we will augment the ability of our solutions to provide analytics and big data on a real time basis to our clients,” concludes Collie Kin