1-Page: Curating Top Talent with Smart Tech

Joanna Riley, President & Founder, 1-PageJoanna Riley, President & Founder
In today’s rapidly-evolving global economy, hiring is challenging—and finding the perfect candidate can be next to impossible. Recruiters spend a great deal of their time hunting for the right candidate and going through piles of resumes, online profiles, and cover letters. Indeed, on average it takes 52 days, at least $4,000, and 250 or more resumes to hire a single professional. Only about 2 percent of applicants make it to the interview stage, meaning that significant time and resources are lost every day pursuing and reviewing candidates who are not a good fit.

Forward-thinking businesses are looking for ways to save time and resources by streamlining recruiting operations and automating the most grueling tasks. That’s where 1-Page comes in. Since its creation in 2011, 1-Page has been creating solutions for talent teams to hire with greater confidence by applying fresh insights to a candidate. Born out of a strong determination to radically transform the hiring process for both businesses and workers, 1-Page offers a cutting-edge cloud-based solution that helps recruiters best identify and hire the right job candidates. Recruiters report a 30 percent decrease in time to hire for roles sourced by 1-Page.

“While the technology behind it is complex, our vision is simple: to help recruiters do their job easier and faster. The 1-Page platform uses advanced algorithms to surface the best candidates for their key roles, eliminating much of the sourcing and identification legwork that recruiters have come to expect, including list building, job posting, finding contact details, and trying to connect across various networks,” says Joanna Riley, President and Founder of 1-Page. “Recruiters have been conducting searches for decades and we’re flipping that paradigm by curating candidates for recruiters in a way never before possible.
What makes 1-Page truly unique—besides our comprehensive pool of more than 350 million candidates—is our ability to get deeper insights into company and culture fit, which is one of the best indicators of overall fit.”

1-Page Source, the firm’s flagship solution, utilizes proprietary algorithms to parse that recruiters identify as key (or the keys) for success. For example, recruiters might identify common traits among the most successful hires such as graduating class, past workplaces, and other skill mixes. This process automates some of the most excruciating elements of the talent identification process to deliver anywhere from 50 to 100 extremely qualified candidates directly to recruiters, within hours.

Recruiters know that referrals from existing employees improve the odds of a candidate responding by 5 times or more. 1-Page Source utilizes relationship and network analysis to identify if a candidate has any connection to existing employees and indicates the strength of that connection to provide the best path for contact. Whether or not a referral opportunity exists, Source provides direct access to every candidate’s contact information.

The firm’s mastery in recruitment intelligence has helped organizations overcome critical business challenges. One customer, a Fortune 100 healthcare provider, implemented 1-Page Source after struggling to find qualified nurses. Traditional job search engines did not provide enough detail into a nurse’s specific skills and experience; at the same time, recruiters found the entire process unproductive. Due to its comprehensive database that connects a number of profile locations, 1-Page was able to curate highly-qualified nurses and deliver the candidates to the company. “Of all the candidates 1-Page delivered, 97 percent were unique and precisely fitting into the healthcare provider’s requirements,” says Riley.

While it has taken the lead in terms of insights-driven recruitment, there’s more on the horizon for 1-Page. “We’re committed to delivering a holistic platform that empowers individuals to pursue their ideal careers while reducing the business cost, time, and complexity of finding the right talent for each unique position. 2017 is going to be a big year and we’re very excited for what’s ahead.”