Applicantstarter: Spearheading Improved Recruitments

Brad Park, CEO, ApplicantstarterBrad Park, CEO
Inaccurate job descriptions, lack of communication when a position is no longer available, or mismanaged applicant follow-up calls contribute to substandard candidate experiences. Regardless of a company’s size, a recruiting software should hold the ability to successfully attract and hire top talents without compromising the user experience of applicants. Founded along these lines, Applicantstarter, an automated applicant communication system, is one such maven that takes the complexity out of recruitment processes and provides an uninterrupted and insightful applicant tracking solution to elevate the standards of hiring.

When it comes to efficient hiring, Brad Park, CEO of Applicantstarter, notes, “There are two problems that our applicant communication software solves: ensuring that job seekers are satisfied with the application process and attracting as many top talents as possible to maintain a high hiring success rate.” Presently, every job ad posted on employment websites is SEO-based. Unlike the traditional modes of applying for a job, companies no longer need to stay on the first page of a job board to attract candidates. Applicants can simply enter the keywords that match their employment criteria and submit applications to multiple filtered jobs— with a single click. Park says, “While this has simplified the application process, oftentimes, candidates fail to read the job descriptions carefully and are unaware of the companies they have applied to.” Therefore, HR teams resort to making “cold calls” to stand out, which is not a desirable approach, according to Park. Applicantstarter allows companies to automatically send personalized text messages to candidates as soon as they apply. Park explains that text messaging is more effective than emails and, “Almost 98 percent of the time, text messages are viewed within five minutes of their arrival whereas many do not even check their emails on a daily basis.”

Our system wasn’t built to just manage the hiring process but to improve it

Illustrating how the messaging service works, Park cites that if a company schedules a candidate for an interview in the afternoon, an automated reminder text can be sent to the applicant in the morning through Applicantstarter. Additionally, about 90 minutes before the interview, the system also shares the office location with the candidate to ensure that they show up for an interview on time, without any hassle.

Applicantstarter also utilizes a duplicate filtering tool to track and eliminate multiple applications from same individuals. However, HR managers can choose to configure their duplicate settings to allow applicants to re-apply for a position after a certain period of time.

Apart from excellent applicant tracking, the company also offers services to review the performance of a job posting. The analysis shows the numbers of people responding to an ad versus how many actually show up for the interview. Companies can use these statistics to go back to the ads that were successful in finding the right talent and re-run those.

During Park’s conversation with top recruiters, the two most common problems that most face are: either companies don’t get enough candidate attendance for their scheduled interviews or the shortlisted candidates do not have the right skills. An outside sales company that reached out to Applicantstarter was going through a similar situation. The firm’s candidate show-up percentage was as low as 23 and the candidates were not proficient enough. By deploying Applicantstarter, within eight weeks, the applicant attendance doubled. Not just that, the company also started hiring better candidates and improved their human capital benchmark significantly.

Describing the functionalities of the software, Park notes, “Our system wasn’t built to just manage the hiring process but to improve it.” Moving toward the future, Applicantstarter has plans to integrate interesting features such as click-to-call, video interviewing, and paperless onboarding, thereby opening newer avenues for improved and seamless recruitment practices.