Beamery: Proactive Talent Marketing

Ben Slater, VP of Growth, BeameryBen Slater, VP of Growth
In the not-too-distant past, recruitment was very different. Hiring relied on a moment of serendipity. Companies relied on their ideal candidate coming across their open job at the moment that they’re available. As you might imagine, this rarely happens. Today, technology has turned recruitment on its proverbial head, making recruiters more targeted and strategic in their approach than ever before.

In this era of real-time communication, reactive hiring—posting job ads when requirements arise—is no longer a viable strategy. Candidates expect an “Uber-like experience” through constant updates from recruiters on the status of their job application. Organizations, therefore, seek capabilities to proactively search and start building relations with suitable candidates ahead of time. With a mission to fulfill these demands, Beamery, a unique candidate relationship software, effectively combines recruitment and marketing processes to help companies attract and engage passive talent. The software lets companies preemptively build a talent database for both open and future roles using targeted marketing campaigns and personalized communication.

Ben Slater, VP of growth at Beamery, reveals that the company’s onset was based on a simple notion, “When online, you are not a candidate or a customer; you are both.” Over the years, organizations have become more sophisticated at marketing and managing online brand goodwill, but their recruitment practices did not change significantly. This prompted Beamery to create a platform that binds predictive marketing and data science to recruitment, enabling companies to treat candidates like customers.

The two major components of the software that help companies carry out smarter recruitment are Talent CRM and Talent Marketing modules. Beamery’s Talent CRM allows companies to connect with candidates even before they apply for a position.

Beamery’s Talent CRM allows companies to connect with candidates even before they apply for a position

By storing information on every candidate relationship—old and new—Talent CRM offers the hiring team “a single source of truth” for all recruitment needs. What makes Beamery’s Talent CRM module unique is its ability to constantly update candidate information. Slater notes, “Dealing with outdated profiles is a big problem for recruitment teams.” By frequently gathering candidate data from the web, Talent CRM eliminates this setback. Utilizing up-to-date candidate information, Beamery’s Talent Marketing module creates personalized interactions during candidate marketing campaigns. Beamery also offers numerous reporting tools to help HR teams assess the success of their recruitment marketing campaigns and measure ROI.

Slater illustrates how Beamery’s software helps Facebook improve its strategic advantage in hiring senior executives. Facebook uses a number of different tools to track high-quality candidates. As an effect, candidate information remained dispersed across multiple applications and recruitment teams find it difficult to access the data and build intelligent talent marketing campaigns. Employing Beamery’s Talent CRM allowed Facebook to centralize all candidate information in one place for faster data search and easy collaboration. Thus, Facebook could efficiently leverage its existing candidate relations with more targeted marketing and slash its hiring cycle.

Witnessing the current market drift toward consumerization, Slater mentions, “Most of the candidates desire for companies to engage with them on their terms.” Even the communication preferences have shifted vastly from traditional emailing to using popular social networking sites for official interactions. Keeping that in mind, Slater says, “Our constant effort remains in identifying these trends and incorporating them in our solutions to help HR professionals connect with the target candidates seamlessly.” As a roadmap for the future, Beamery intends to continue developing ground-breaking talent engagement solutions and improve the way companies build candidate relationships.