hrtechoutlook Enhancing Quality of Hire with Employee Referrals

Scott Frazier, CEO, EmployeeReferrals.comScott Frazier, CEO
In the years leading up to founding EmployeeReferrals. com, Scott Frazier and Kendall Frazier had been on the lookout for an opportunity to build Utah’s next great Software-as-a-Service company. They realized that employee referrals had the potential to disrupt recruiting, “After all, research shows that employee referrals are responsible for more hires at a lower cost than any other source,” remarks Scott, CEO of “While everyone knows that a good employee referral program has the potential to save you a ton of money, they’re notoriously difficult to execute.” He explains that the employees are busy, it’s not their job, and they can’t be forced to do it. In addition, few employees ever earn a reward and may face a bad experience in the process, which can turn them off altogether. In association with other industry experts, they founded EmployeeReferrals. com with the purpose of helping organizations run a great referral program with ease. They wanted to help businesses save time while providing great support to employees and helping them understand the incredible value their voice has in recruiting. makes it easy by bringing all the recruiting processes directly to the employees’ systems. “We send a white labeled newsletter to all employees updating them on what is going on with the employee referral program,” states Scott. This newsletter is personalized to every single employee with updates on open job opportunities near them, promotions, leaderboards and their own candidate statuses—instantly creating job referral activities. It also makes it easy for employees to take actions on things like social sharing company jobs by opting into Auto Share. “Employees love the ease of auto job sharing and companies love creating talent communities with the best type of candidates,” extols Scott.

We believe a company’s recruiting strategy should be centralized around the employee referral program. Every other recruiting initiative should be an appendage to it

Scott also points-out another scenario where many companies were facing issue with their Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) that are not keeping pace with dynamic user and job seeker demands—especially with technology users’ rapidly growing digital expectations. To overcome this challenge the platform integrates with every major ATS, from Taleo and Kenexa, to Silkroad and iCIMS to help companies improvise the way they recruit the best talent and engage them.

Scott asserts, “We don’t want to be ‘Jack of all trades, masters of none’; so we’ve strategically put ourselves in a niche position to be experts in the employee referral program space—generating the highest ROI.” In one instance, DEFENDERS—one of the largest residential security providers, was critically challenged to reach a target of 60 percent hires, as they lacked an automated solution—taking long hours to hire. Leveraging EmployeeReferrals. com, DEFENDERS has doubled referral hires and reduced time to hire to just 13 days. “Our program is automated and our employees are more active than they’ve ever been with referral hires hovering around 60 percent,” asserts Brett Henninger, Corporate Talent Acquisition Specialist, DEFENDERS.

“We believe a company’s recruiting strategy should be centralized around the employee referral program. Every other recruiting initiative should be an appendage to it,” delineates Scott. “We see Employee Referrals continuing to lead the employee referral program space.” Forging ahead, the firm plans to expand their internal mobility offering for employers to easily identify talent within their workforce. “Since, today employees share company jobs with their social followers, we are looking to compliment our product by powering a Facebook jobs app for our clients and helping employers to share company content via their employees,” concludes Scott.