Fusion Recruiting Labs: Employment Tools Built For The Mobile Era

Alex McKeown, CEO, Fusion Recruiting LabsAlex McKeown, CEO Today, nearly everyone uses smart devices to seamlessly carry out tasks like paying bills and ordering pizza. Unfortunately, applying for jobs with a mobile device remains a long and cluttered process with a broken user experience. After toggling through endless drop-down menus and pesky document upload prompts, frustrated candidate soften abandon the application process before completing their application. According to a survey by Glassdoor, while 80 percent of job seekers use their smartphones to search for jobs, less than 5 percent complete the application process from their mobile device, and only about 25 percent of large companies have a hiring process that is optimized for mobile devices. This lack of mobile-optimized recruitment channels prevents employers from engaging with top-flight candidates. Fusion Recruiting Labs (FusionRL) is set to modernize this process with their state of the art employment tools that increase mobile candidate engagement and significantly reduce time to fill. “The market for mobile recruitment is clearly underserved and we aim to empower both employers and candidates with a cutting-edge mobile experience,” states Alex McKeown, CEO, Fusion Recruiting Labs.

To build a compelling solution for the mobile candidate, FusionRL began by gathering potent insights from challenges encountered in the trucking industry. Due to a driver shortage and a high turnover rate, truck driver recruitment is extremely competitive. In addition, truck drivers are “mobile” by definition. Similar to other industries, many trucking companies offered antiquated applications and information collection processes that were difficult to access through smartphones. FusionRL worked with a leading propane retailer to install a mobile-first apply solution (MAS) that used elements of gamification to collect objective data from candidates in a streamlined application experience. After a two month test, the FusionRL mobile apply solution increased the mobile candidate apply rate from 5 percent to nearly 25 percent and the propane retailer hired more truck drivers, faster.

An Organization’s Mobile User Interface is The First Thing a Candidate Interacts With, That Helps Build Positive Brand Recognition

Several independent researchers today reveal that the candidates who experience an easy navigation process while applying for a job are likely to refer it to their friends, even if the candidate is not selected. “An organization’s mobile application experience is the first thing a candidate sees. A thoughtful and user-centric design is the best first impression. It reflects on the company and their culture and it helps build positive brand recognition,” explains McKeown.

Recruitment in a Snap

FusionRL’s powerful Mobile Apply Solution (MAS) is offered through the Fusion Recruit platform and delivers a next generation, mobile-first user experience that is customized to offer a company-branded experience. Fusion Recruit is engineered with a recruiter-friendly design and is intuitive in nature to allow recruiters to offer sleek application experiences to attract and qualify top candidates. “During our research, we discovered that job seekers usually abandon an application either because it’s too confusing or because it takes too long to complete,” informs McKeown. For the maximum benefit of a candidate, Fusion Recruit’s application experience keeps the candidate informed of the application length and encourages their progress through the experience. The entire application is grouped into chapters for easy comprehension. And, through the use of screening questions, a recruiter can objectively ascertain whether a candidate has the required amount of experience or not and then move to subjective qualification by reviewing the attached resumes, portfolios, and interviews. “In the age of mobile devices, HR departments must adopt the consumer-centric strategies of digital marketers to achieve the highest level of user experience for the candidate and maximum return-on-investment for the company,” explains McKeown.

Customer First, Mobile First

With Fusion Recruit’s Mobile Apply Solution, clients have enjoyed a 400 percent increase in the number of mobile applications received and an 80 percent decrease in cost per mobile apply. In one particular instance, a large IT staffing agency witnessed massive gains after implementing the Fusion Recruit platform. With Fusion Recruit’s powerful tools, application completion rates soared from 3 to 30 percent. “In addition, the Fusion Recruit platform filtered out 64 percent of unqualified candidates to help the agency’s recruiters work faster and more effectively to find the best candidate,” says McKeown. Most importantly, the staffing company accessed a higher volume of top notch candidates, the time to fill an open position was cut in half, and the agency’s recruiters were more productive.

To energize and support the efforts of recruiters, FusionRL is always looking for opportunities to expand the availability of the Fusion Mobile Apply Solution (MAS) by forging strong partnerships. FusionRL integrates with iCIMS, a popular applicant tracking system (ATS), to offer a mobile-first candidate experience to accelerate mobile apply completion and increase recruiter productivity.

Going the Extra Mile

FusionRL takes great pride in building strong relationships with clients through a service-oriented culture. “We strive to impress and to exceed expectations. On multiple occasions, an HR Director has moved to a new role at a new company and quickly implemented our services. We take that loyalty as a great compliment,” mentions McKeown. Constant research and innovation is an integral part of FusionRL’s culture and they are always keeping an eye on new technology and market trends that can augment the hiring process for candidates and recruiters alike.

"The Market For Mobile Recruitment is Clearly Underserved, and Our Aim is to Empower Both Employers And Candidates With a Cutting Edge Mobile Experience"

FusionRL believes the continued proliferation of mobile devices, Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence will play prominent roles in shaping the future of recruiting and staffing. In addition, the company has two big initiatives and products lined up for the transportation and healthcare staffing sectors this year. To support these efforts, FusionRL has already doubled its in-house team in the past three months. “We are elated with the massive impacts that our efforts are creating for candidates and recruiters and we will continue to architect a strong recruiting platform to pair top candidates with top employers,” ends McKeown.
- Sandeepa Majumdar
    February 12, 2018