Greenhouse Software: Designed to Simplify the Recruiting Process

Daniel Chait, CEO, Greenhouse SoftwareDaniel Chait, CEO
The exponential growth of digital access has transformed the face of corporate recruitment. However, the HR landscape today struggles to operate with inefficient traditional tools. These tools do not provide an overall utilization of the Internet. To get the best hold of candidates, HR professionals now have to review staffs and keep a good understanding of the volatile market. The New York-based Greenhouse Software provides a complete recruitment software solution that streamlines the recruitment process, simplifying the tasks for HR professionals. “Our solutions have benefitted many organizations by reducing the insurmountable recruiting bottlenecks that initially clogged the process,” begins Daniel Chait, CEO of Greenhouse Software.

Greenhouse, the flagship product of the firm, enhances the hiring process for companies through its feature-loaded software. The software administers from planning the hiring process to managing recruitment applications in a single integrated platform. Greenhouse enables Application Programming Interface (API) driven job boards that are integrated and customized by clients. “We provide an extremely customized application form where the information is given to the developers via the API,” says Chait. The auto tag feature of the software allows identifying undeserving candidates and sending them rejection mails at the same time.

The firm offers a variety of APIs for customers and partners. With the Harvest API, the client can download all their data for reporting purpose. Greenhouse facilitates clients to create new candidates with the Candidate Ingestion API that supports a number of strategies, including a list of active jobs, generates tracking links, and receives updates.

This offering also helps to boost referrals by providing every existing employee an equal access to login. “With Greenhouse, every employee can see the status of the referral in the hiring process,” extols Chait.

Greenhouse automatically highlights all potential duplicate candidates and makes it easy to merge them into a single profile

The software alerts clients if any candidate has been in the same status for too long Clients can also manage the prospects of the candidates by the application review tool. This tool streamlines the process of evaluation and sorts out the candidates efficiently.

“Greenhouse automatically highlights all potential duplicate candidates and makes it easy to merge them into a single profile,” affirms Chait. The software’s alert system is configured at every level of the recruitment process that notifies clients if any candidate has been in the same status for too long. With the feature to score candidates, the interviewers can note down their overall impression and also ask customized questions to any Information Kit for extracting relevant information. For every different job profile, the questions asked are Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) compliant and customized accordingly. The auto-post to social network lets companies select which profile to post, the content of the post, and the frequency of its appearance on the network.

Such a feature loaded software platform was utilized by Thumbtack to help them with their recruiting process. Initially, the firm faced problem due to the lack of coordination among team members and insufficient information flow that created a hindrance in the recruitment decision-making process. With Greenhouse solution, Thumbtack’s recruiting culture was further established by making everyone involved in the process. And most importantly, it provided the necessary data that enhanced the growth of Thumbtack.

Greenhouse Solutions now plans to expand their solution features to provide a more elegant and streamlined interface. “We would continue our growth by acquiring other companies to deliver the best in HR management,” concludes Chait.