GreenJobInterview: The Virtual Interview Specialist

Ryan Mulholland, President & CEO, GreenJobInterviewRyan Mulholland, President & CEO The world of business is a hard place to survive without the necessary armaments—most important of all being the human resource. For organizations to thrive and succeed, hiring the right candidate at the right time is indispensable. However, for most companies, the recruitment process is often a costly and time consuming affair, which involves screening resumes in bulk, followed by multiple rounds of interviews that may include travel expenses, especially when it comes to interviewing outstation candidates. GreenJobInterview wants to solve this puzzle and make recruitment a pleasurable experience for both the hiring managers and the candidates, and the company is achieving this through innovative video interviewing solutions across desktops and mobile devices that will reduce the time and costs associated with scheduling and conducting interviews. It all began when two brothers—Greg and Theo Rokos, while undertaking key executive searches for several major healthcare organizations, realized the dearth of video interviewing solutions in the market. Video interviews were still very new, and the brothers wanted to capitalize on the opportunity and ultimately help their talent acquisition clients build more efficient hiring processes through easy-to-use live and recorded video interview solutions. The concept soon materialized into GreenJobInterview in 2008.

Today, almost a decade later, under the leadership of Ryan Mulholland, an internet industry veteran, GreenJobInterview strives to be a partner to its clients and develop products that meet their specific needs. “The vision of the founders still encourages our company to keep innovating and upgrading the technology and offerings to help clients improve their interviewing and hiring practices,” says Mulholland, CEO and President.

Enhancing the Virtual Recruitment Experience

Headquartered in Costa Mesa, CA, GreenJobInterview’s robust and easy-to-use live, recorded and mobile solutions make the recruitment process more transparent by bringing candidates closer to prospective employers. GreenJob Live, a video interviewing solution by GreenJobInterview, provides the same high-level personal interaction as a face-to-face interview. It enables organizations to reach a global talent pool, strengthen their employment brand and reduce the environmental impact.

Our mobile applications enable our clients to manage both Live and One- Way interviews from an iPhone, iPad, or Android device

While live video interviews reduce travel expenses, GreenJob One-Way, an on-demand, recorded interviewing solution, improves and shortens the screening process. It allows candidates to simply record their responses to interview questions, which can then be reviewed, evaluated and shared by the internal team at their own convenience. The product facilitates narrowing down a large talent pool, improves efficiency of high-volume hiring, and enhances the convenience for multiple hiring managers. In addition to an efficient screening tool for hiring personnel, who require a product that enables scheduling and reviewing prospective candidates on-the-go, the company offers GreenJob Mobile. It helps clients to optimize their recruitment process. “Our mobile applications enable clients to manage both Live and One-Way interviews from an iPhone, iPad, or Android device,” says Mulholland. A candidate selected for an interview can either download the app via the email invitation from the concerned organization or at the appropriate app store.

With a technology that literally transforms the recruitment process for employers and job seekers alike, GreenJobInterview has been chosen by many of the world’s leading organizations like Walmart, PepsiCo, UCLA and Mayo Clinic to hire talented candidates. The company has maintained relationships with Fortune 500 clients, some of which date back to the GreenJobInterview’s founding in 2008. Demonstrating the success of GreenJobInterview is a case in which it helped ProService Hawaii, an HR solutions provider, to incorporate GreenJob One-Way recorded video interviews into its screening process. Anticipating mass hiring in 2016, the sole acquisition manager at ProService was struggling to coordinate phone screens with candidates in various time zones and communicate details with hiring managers. GreenJob One- Way allowed the client to make better and faster decisions during the screening stage and ultimately hire better candidates. In another case, GreenJobInterview helped Carolinas HealthCare System, a leading healthcare organization, to screen hundreds of new graduate registered nurses with GreenJob One-Way recorded video interviews. Carolinas HealthCare utilized video interviews to screen applicants more efficiently and get to know them better, prior to scheduling one-on-one interviews for nursing positions at various local facilities. This allowed the organization’s clinical leaders to make more informed hiring decisions without spending additional time.
Offering Unique Services

In an industry redefining video interview solutions, GreenJobInterview is focusing on becoming interoperable to help clients find talent without worrying about the technology. Its concierge-level service combined with dedicated account management is what makes the company stand apart from its competitors. GreenJobInterview’s state-of-the-art services delivery model and support platform— especially the unique-to-the-industry Success Check, also known as tech check, provides one-on-one support with candidates and company representatives prior to every live interview. This ensures the best interview outcome and reduces technical difficulties, resulting in more successful video interviews. Additionally, the company focuses on helping clients craft a custom branded experience for its candidates by creating waiting rooms and designing interview rooms in ways that give users a feel of the brand they are going to be associated with, providing custom email templates and more. “Our service and laser-focused process makes the difference. With 24/7 phone and email customer support and dedicated account management, we strive to always be available for our clients and their candidates,” states Mulholland.

"We strive to release new features throughout the year to keep our products continuously updated"

Having revolutionized the video interview technology arena, the company now plans to release new features throughout the year to keep its products continuously updated. GreenJobInterview maintains an agile development methodology, which means that new product capabilities are specified, designed and developed in two-week ‘sprints,’ resulting in very fast production releases. The future endeavor of the company is set along this line and includes developing many new features for its One-Way and mobile solutions this year. The most important development of all is a new GreenJob Live product, which will facilitate interviews on digital platform with lively and interactive sessions. The new product is set to be released to clients this quarter and will have the same, customized features but will offer improved video streaming, audio functionality and third-party app configuration. The company’s dedication toward offering a better user experience is reflected by the fact that more than 95 percent of the company’s features and product enhancements come via clients’ suggestions and requests. “We will begin migrating clients throughout the first quarter of 2017 to ensure a smooth transition for every user. Our focus is on surprising and delighting our customers with some entirely new offerings while investing in the existing product line,” concludes Mulholland.