Invenias: An Intuitive and Effective Cloud Platform for Executive and Strategic Hiring

David Grundy, CEO, InveniasDavid Grundy, CEO
Along with strategy and capital, strategic talent is the defining factor for the success or failure of any enterprise, regardless of size, sector or location. The recruitment of executive and strategic talent is therefore a critical competency that requires executive and management attention. The growing trend to build dedicated in-house expertise and capability reflects the growing elevation of executive and strategic hiring to the top of the talent agenda. The drivers first and foremost should be to ensure the company has the capability to secure the best strategic talent in a highly competitive landscape, furthermore tactically there may be a focus on reducing external expenditure.

As these new in-house teams look for the systems to enable their success, there has been a growing recognition that the simple re-tooling of applications designed for related but very different recruiting needs will not do. Invenias was created to specifically address the challenge of executive and strategic hiring (as opposed to volume recruiting) and was originally developed to support the search firms who sit at the top of the staffing profession. Invenias developed the cloud platform and apps that underpin nearly 1,000 executive search firms, becoming both the largest and fastest growing provider in the sector, and now as enterprises build in-house executive and strategic hiring capability these teams are increasingly turning to Invenias.

We are more focused on providing a whole talent intelligence solution rather than just software features

“Invenias recognizes that the tightly coupled partnership of technology, the professional talent team, and the hiring executive community is central to achieving a highly performant hiring culture and organization,” says David Grundy, CEO, Invenias. Grundy thinks about data and intelligence as being central to an organization’s success and capability. “At its heart Invenias enables an organization to build a Talent Intelligence Platform. This allows an organization to see not just the incumbent and internal talent pool for a given role but also peer talent in competitive organizations and the broader relevant external talent pool.” Grundy continues, “This talent intelligence needs to go beyond basic who’s who and relevancy indicators such as skills, and expand to capture highly trusted insight and assessment data that can be drawn from the hiring communities’ connectivity and experience.”

The deep commitment and passion for an “innovation and customer first culture” puts Invenias ahead of the curve and underpins the long-term value they bring to customers. “And of course, along with strategy and capital the strength and quality of the executive and strategic talent we have built here is something that we understand will determine long term success. We like to think we have taken our own medicine,” adds Grundy.

What lies ahead for Invenias is a continuing focus on the strategic hiring challenge. “Helping our customers achieve the best strategic hiring outcomes is what we do,” concludes Grundy. “We are expanding our operations across the world. We want to increase our market presence and expand the depth and sophistication of our solutions.”