PeopleScout: Realigning the Pillars of the RPO Industry

Gerry Sullivan, SVP, Sales  & Solutions, PeopleScoutGerry Sullivan, SVP, Sales & Solutions In the midst of the holiday season, the sheer volume of packages waiting to travel worldwide distances can signal busy days and long hours for frontline workers. As such, a global logistics company recently sought partnership with PeopleScout in an effort to be optimally staffed to handle the anticipated surge.

With recruitment efforts at specific facilities being inherently more difficult, this company placed pointed focus on approximately 20 percent of their facilities; those where overtime, temporary labor costs and additional recruitment costs had become a byproduct of the challenging recruitment climate.

PeopleScout’s strategic and customized solutions served as the support beam for this company’s improved performance in the targeted facilities; a 15-percentage point improvement, year over year, for peak season. The dedicated delivery team, aligned to specific geographies and key client stakeholders, executed a sourcing strategy aimed at the generation of passive candidates to fill the numerous high volume production roles. Additionally, PeopleScout’s introduction of a proprietary Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software provided significant lift to the efficiency and effectiveness of the company’s overall recruitment process.

Springboard™-ing the Process

“Springboard™, PeopleScout’s proprietary ATS and CRM software, is a unique offering in the RPO space,” PeopleScout President, Taryn Owen said. It has the duality to be utilized as both an in-house ATS and CRM for the firm’s RPO clients while also being available for licensing directly to customers as a SaaS cloud-hosted application. This competitive positioning ensures that Springboard™ remains viable in the open market as a commercial offering and simultaneously arms PeopleScout with a leading edge technology that is highly optimized for a diverse array of client RPO solutions.

“What clients look for is not only the recruitment aspect the core for an RPO provider but they also seek additional tools and technology from that partner which help their recruiting teams attract and hire the right talent,” said Gerry Sullivan, PeopleScout’s Senior Vice President of Sales & Solutions.

“Springboard™”, he explained, “fulfills clients’ needs to rapidly and efficiently find and review the right candidates before other companies in the clients’ respective industries.”

PeopleScout utilizes Springboard™’s extensive sourcing capabilities to search for candidates via the web and then imports candidate information into a database for the client to review. Once qualified candidates have been identified, a range of CRM features works to engage and manage talent pipelines over time to move these qualified candidates into the recruitment funnel. As a result, Springboard™ significantly reduces the need for advertising spend while also improving the client’s time-to-fill ratios.

Another facet of the software, Springboard™’s proprietary rules engine, allows Recruiters to configure powerful automation workflows that eliminate manual effort in the recruitment process. Activities, such as automatic screening of candidates, invitations to assessments and interviews, collection of data from online forms, correspondence generation and task scheduling are powered by a user-friendly wizard that manages the vast majority of a Recruiter’s workflow. Building these activities into end-to-end RPO solutions enables PeopleScout to provide clients with rapid and efficient delivery through automation of certain complex recruitment processes.

PeopleScout’s software is also highly customizable to meet dynamic client needs which span geography, industry and scope.

We have the exceptional flexibility to respond to both foreseen and unforeseen circumstances and we do so in sync with clients when they rapidly scale up their business operations

For example, Springboard™ is equipped to build a completely different automated process for more complex or diverse recruitment challenges, such as graduate solutions or executive hiring. Its rich set of features make Springboard™ a valuable all-in-one tool for advanced search and sourcing, recruitment processing, candidate onboarding and human resource information systems (HRIS).

Recruitment Ingenuity

PeopleScout’s ability to reengineer recruitment processes goes far beyond their unique ATS and CRM technology offerings. One PeopleScout client (car rental industry) was recently able to quickly shift its customer service paradigm to be more sales-oriented a huge undertaking with the guidance of PeopleScout’s experienced leadership, strategic planning support and consultative services.

PeopleScout implemented its Higher Insights™ platform (proprietary business intelligence reporting) which uses a built-in rules engine in conjunction with Springboard™ to automate complex business processes as a means of proactively accounting for the desired shift.

“By leveraging big data that we receive through Springboard™ and using the predictive and powerful recruitment analytics that we drive through Higher Insights™, our clients can execute their hiring needs quickly and more efficiently,” Sullivan said. “For a specific client in the travel and hospitality industry, the analytical insight provided by the Higher Insights™ platform allowed for a quick restructuring of their crucial customer service roles, which ultimately led to a 30 percent lower turnover ratio and an 18 percent increase in sales productivity per associate.

“Their fill rate to business needs, at the peak time of the year, exceeded 100 percent of what the business required of them,” Sullivan added. “That was the first time they had experienced that in their company’s history.”

Apart from the powerful functionality of Springboard™ and Higher Insights™, PeopleScout provides additional services, which can alleviate unique recruitment challenges and meet varying client needs. As an example, PeopleScout’s Enterprise RPO program serves as a true extension of the client’s own Human Resource department while providing management and training of all aligned resources. Should there be instances, however, where a client may not require such complete or hands-on support, PeopleScout offers a wide range of RPO service levels that can be appropriately tailored to those respective needs.

“We have project-based RPO services, where our services are restricted for a particular project alone,” explained Sullivan. For companies that do not have the desire to completely outsource their recruitment function, PeopleScout can provide an elevated ability to meet peak hiring needs and can then disengage from the client’s process once satisfying those needs.

Veteran Advocacy and Candidate Care

PeopleScout proudly provides services that encourage corporate social responsibility. Since 2013, PeopleScout has supported veteran and military spouse recruiting efforts through the Veteran Talent Exchange™ (VTE) platform.

“The VTE platform enables a veteran to continue the application process with another talent exchange partner, if his or her profile doesn’t match the first client’s requirements,” explained Allison Brigden, PeopleScout’s Senior Vice President of Internal Functions.

"We help our clients make over 20,000 annual veteran hires"
She went on to say that the VTE is unique because it keeps the veteran (or military spouse) in the system until they are hired, thereby increasing the odds of employment even if the candidate is rejected multiple times. “About four years ago, we conceived the idea of a veteran-oriented program through partnerships with like-minded clients, and now with the VTE, we help our clients make over 20,000 annual veteran hires.”

The VTE platform is valuable to clients not only because it introduces them to uniquely skilled veterans and military spouses, but also because it serves as a strong piece of positive branding. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) branding is a key aspect of recruitment and many military and non-military candidates seek employment with companies who express a strong desire to make a difference in the lives of others.

Allison Brigden, SVP,  Internal Functions, PeopleScoutAllison Brigden, SVP, Internal Functions

PeopleScout has nearly 25 years of experience in helping clients anchor their overall brand so to attract the best talent in the marketplace, which is especially important today as numerous companies are also vying for the same candidates in a restricted pool.

“A brand that attracts and interests the candidate makes a big difference in terms of being able to bring the best talent into the organization,” Brigden said. She added that PeopleScout offers its Next Level™ Candidate Care service in support of clients’ needs to differentiate their employment opportunities from their competitors. The Next Level™ Candidate Care service gives a high touch, deeply personalized experience to candidates, thereby attracting the best talent through advanced branding and specialized onboarding that provides all applicants the highest quality treatment.

The Scalable Bandwidth

Whether a client needs full-time, part-time or peak period assistance with recruitment, PeopleScout’s experienced teams are flexible and able to rapidly engage/disengage when specific needs are completed. Furthermore, PeopleScout continuously facilitates their talent pipelines as a way of proactively providing clients with the highest quality candidates at any given time.

“Due to our centralized approach and efficient structure, we have the exceptional flexibility to respond to both foreseen and unforeseen circumstances and we do so in sync with clients when they rapidly scale up their business operations,” Sullivan said. “This year, we have deployed 70 Recruiters in March and scaled up to 200 in August for a large retail firm.”

“PeopleScout attracts the best talent in the space from a leadership and a Recruiter perspective,” he added. “We empower our Recruiters with the latest and most sophisticated recruitment tools enabling them to be more efficient and effective in meeting our client’s manpower requirements and objectives.”

As part of its 2020 vision, PeopleScout plans to grow organically through new client acquisitions and expansions of their current client offerings, both in terms of geography and scale of business.

“Our focus is continually on customer service and the importance of delivering a great experience to our client, no matter where they are located,” President, Owen said. “We are at the forefront of the RPO industry, with experience in solving complex hiring challenges and helping clients achieve their hiring goals across 69 countries for over two decades. The worldwide customer base is increasing and PeopleScout will be there to meet those global needs.”
- Judy Christin
    December 14, 2015