RealMatch is now PandoLogic: The Leading-Edge of Programmatic Recruitment Advertising

Jonathan Bulkeley, CEO, PandoLogicJonathan Bulkeley, CEO
As digital hiring models take precedence over all other recruitment mediums, organizations today are focusing extensively on online sources such as social media, job boards, and corporate websites in pursuit of the ideal employee. According to a study by Market Research Reports, the average spend on online recruitment in the US is expected to reach $10 billion by 2020. However, with billions of dollars being spent on recruitment advertising, most organizations today lack reliable data on the results of those investments, or which sites and advertising sources are generating the best ROI. “While businesses urgently want to shift from a pay-to-post model to a pay-for-performance model, there are very few tools in the market that allow them to do so,” explains Jonathan Bulkeley, CEO, RealMatch. In such a scenario, RealMatch is revolutionizing a highly fragmented online recruitment market with a programmatic campaign management technology that continuously monitors job ad performance and automatically optimizes campaign strategies based on big data and patent-pending predictive algorithms. The solution offers organizations, unprecedented reach to the right candidates, through the right sites, and at the right time, along with optimal campaign strategies.

Currently, most HR practitioners struggle with the process of choosing the appropriate site for a post, with no guarantee of results. To combat this challenge, RealMatch offers pandoIQ, a solution that fully automates campaign management for employers with large numbers of jobs to be filled. pandoIQ can be tailored to fit an employer’s hiring needs, helping companies source qualified talent in no time. The solution allows recruiters to allocate a pre-defined campaign budget and leverages advanced performance-predicting algorithms that work programmatically to optimize job distribution and budget allocation across all jobs. “With ten years of expertise in collecting historical data and building one-of-a-kind algorithms, we can also predict how a job post will perform in a particular site,” says Bulkeley.

With ten years of expertise in collecting historical data and building one-of-a-kind algorithms, we can also predict how a job post will perform in a particular site

Moreover, since the traction received from a site can dwindle with time, the platform constantly modifies campaigns over the duration of the ad for overall recruitment success.

Till date, over 125,000 organizations have found the best talent in the industry using RealMatch’s technology. In the case of a large US travel and leisure company, RealMatch helped the client reach the right job seeker without the hassle of staggering costs and guesswork in targeted distribution. Upon implementing pandoIQ, the client not only had complete visibility on ad performance in advance, but the solution also predicted the positions that would be difficult to source online so alternative staffing resources could be assigned immediately and budget not wasted on spend that would not deliver results. “On the prediction-end, we are now surpassing an 85 percent accuracy rate on performance benchmarks and that’s revolutionary because we are the only platform that can give companies the added insight on ad performance in advance,” remarks Bulkeley. To top it all, the solution helped the travel company convert passive job seekers into applicants for job-openings in specific markets, while increasing conversion rates by 60 percent within a week.

Undoubtedly, RealMatch’s programmatic technology, connecting recruiters and candidates through a vast advertising network is today at the forefront of recruitment advertising. In the days to come, innovation will be at the core of RealMatch’s endeavors, in the form of advanced algorithms or new ways to interact with data sets. The company’s broader goal will be to magnify visibility, transparency, and efficiency in recruitment advertising through next-gen products and services. “Our state-of-the-art solution fits seamlessly in a changing talent acquisition landscape, and we are all set to disrupt the marketplace by emerging as the de facto solution in online recruitment,” ends Bulkeley.