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Ivana Cvejic, Co-Founder, RenheadIvana Cvejic, Co-Founder
A successful business is a reflection of its skilled and motivated employees. Companies are turning to recruiting tools for candidate sourcing and applicant tracking to help them find and onboard the right candidates. However, challenges abound. While supply and demand of skilled workers remains inconsistent, the recruiting tools available in the market today lack flexibility and adaptability. Frustrated firms are forced to use multiple siloed systems—with separate logins, data management, and reports—causing compliance issues and serious mistakes during the recruitment process, not to mention wasting already frustrated recruiters’ precious time.

From risky hires to having rejected candidates wrongly reconsidered for new positions, to former employees cycling back into the firm as a contractor— the challenges can be many. In addition, as companies upgrade their IT systems from time to time, customization of these systems is usually onerous and onboarding time might extend from weeks to months. These predicaments result in inefficient utilization of recruiting staff and reduced synergies between different departments, which affect overall business productivity.

Renhead has emerged as the go-to recruitment solution for companies seeking a customizable software that aligns with their unique processes and workflows. As a scalable and reliable solution, Renhead can be tuned to the varying recruitment demands, dynamically. Comprising both a full applicant tracking system (ATS) for full-time hiring and a complete vendor management system (VMS) for contract hiring, Renhead understands the dynamic nature of a business and the resultant effect on their workforce requirement. “Other recruiting software platforms struggle to deliver customizable solutions in a timely manner,” says Ivana.

Founded by Ivana Cvejic and Allison Tam, Renhead is the result of firsthand experience both recruiting pros had early in their careers. Plodding through inefficient systems and archaic processes, they realized the need for making the recruitment process a controlled and stress-free experience for organizations. With both recruitment and technology backgrounds respectively, Ivana and Allison built an inventive solution that delivers the best candidate recruiting experience while seamlessly aligning recruiting activities with client’s goals and brand identity. Today, Renhead excels as the silver bullet for recruitment by taking the drudgery and inefficiency out of recruiting staff workflow, data and candidate relationship management. “We’ve worked as corporate recruiters at firms such as Morgan Stanley as well as at Search Firms, making us uniquely qualified to understand our clients’ pain points, which is the biggest difference between us and our competitors,” adds Ivana.

Simple, Intuitive, Futuristic

Renhead seamlessly integrates HR with all other departments, and ensures fluidity of information flows across all recruitment touch points. Customizable to integrate permanent and contract hiring, Renhead saves recruiters valuable time and resources. Renhead’s overarching approach of tech-driven recruitment backed by industry knowledge allows them to swiftly integrate new technologies such as artificial intelligence to support recruiters in their operations and workflow.

Having a thorough understanding of how clients think and act, Renhead has built the ideal platform based on clients’ needs.
Allison Tam, Co-Founder, Head of Products and Development

Renhead’s success stories include a client-financial company faced with the task of relocating its main office and hiring more than 100 highly specialized employees in a very short time frame. Implementing Renhead’s software took just three days, from onboarding to customization, and the client achieved their hiring goals with one month to spare.

Great companies are built by their highly productive workforce, and we at Renhead let recruiters focus on what they do best… hire people!

As a robust recruiting solution, Renhead allows for seamless extraction, storage, and search of resumes. It also supports administrative tasks intuitively and with ease. By streamlining candidate information through resume parsing, Renhead’s unique algorithm identifies the right skill sets to effectively eliminate irrelevant profiles. The solution offers recruiters a link to each job posting to incorporate into emails or LinkedIn for proactive sourcing, which will directly take candidates to the job board posting. Candidate resumes are ranked by their current and past experience (amongst other data) and are attached automatically to the companies in their profile as current or past employees. This allows for easy networking and organizational reports to be extracted directly from the system. The inbuilt communication tool assists recruiters to correspond with hiring managers, vendors, finance executives, and the candidates to fulfill both internal and external communication requirements. “Our solution improved sourcing time by 45 percent and saved our clients’ an average of 24 percent in hard dollar costs. One Renhead Enterprise User saved $4.5M last year, within just one department!” adds Ivana.

The team at Renhead tests and refines their technology regularly with the aim of being cutting edge and purposeful for each type of user. “We listen to the internal HR recruiting teams, CEOs, CFOs, CMOs, managers, IT staff, and external recruiters to understand the pain points from every user level and deliver the most innovative, easy-to-use system that supports their growth plans,” says Ivana.

Value-Driven Solution

As a company, Renhead values efficiency and a positive work culture, giving each employee time and space to grow productively. Renhead celebrates diversity in its own team as many come from diverse geographies, united by the common objective of solving the real-world problems in the recruitment industry. Renhead takes pride in training every employee, from developer to sales and customer support, by educating him or her on the challenges of being a recruiter.

Machine learning is just one of many technology innovations Renhead will continue to incorporate into their advanced recruiting solutions. Technology will continue to advance at a fast pace and it’s important to build solutions with the flexibility and speed with which to incorporate these changes long term. Renhead is focused on solving the hiring inefficiencies our industry continues to experience with sophisticated tools and a strong partnership with their trusted clients. “Great companies are built by their highly productive workforce, and we at Renhead let recruiters focus on what they do best…hire people!” concludes Ivana.
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Ivana Cvejic, Co-Founder and Allison Tam, Co-Founder, Head of Products and Development

Renhead empowers people with technology designed to simplify their work lives. The company does that by creating software built to eliminate paperwork and manage all aspects of the workflow process from ONE simple-to-use platform. Founded in 2013 by two HR and Tech experts and now a certified WBENC organization, Renhead brings unique insights to create a seamless, human-centered system that enables easy navigation for users in all aspects of the workflow process. The company with a team of experts specializes in providing ATS, Application Tracking System, Human Resources, Recruiting Systems, CRM, Vendor Management, Recruiting Software, Executive Search Software, Search Firm Software, Corporate Recruiting Software, Recruiting Work Flows, VMS, HRIS, Cloud, SaaS, statement of work management, SOW, BI Reporting, and Contingent Workforce Management