ROIKOI: One-Click Access to a Private Talent Pool

Andy Wolfe, CEO & Founder, ROIKOIAndy Wolfe, CEO & Founder
Employees of an organization are presented with a ‘wall’ full of photos of ex-colleagues they know and have worked with in the past. The recruitment team simply asks them to click on the profiles of the ones they’d love to work with again. The recruitment team searches through and hires candidates who fit the bill-simple. Only, this isn’t a thought experiment but the recruitment strategy exercised by Andy Wolfe, CEO and Founder of ROIKOI, and his team of talented HR professionals. They are calling it the ‘One-Click Referral.’ “Employees of our clients have a lot on their plate; we don’t want to add to it. They’re not going to write an essay on every colleague they’ve worked with or track down their resumes. They will; however, happily refer 30 or 40 ideal prospective candidates to the recruitment team if the process is a simple one,” assures Wolfe.

From psychological profiles and big data to candidate assessments, the current technological trends in the Recruitment arena seek to measure the potential talent and fit of a candidate with the respective company. “We, at ROIKOI, firmly believe there’s no better way to measure these qualities in a candidate than to hear directly from the people who’ve worked with that individual in the past. To achieve this before the interview has been conducted enables the recruitment team to better filter candidates, saving enormous amounts of time,” observes Wolfe. The recruitment industry observers, according to the CEO, are unified in agreement to the fact that it isn’t as hard today as it was, say ten years ago, to find passive candidates. The problem today is finding the most qualified passive candidates. ROIKOI enables clients to narrow their search down from the hundreds of thousands of prospective candidates that eventually meet their requirement.

ROIKOI focuses on the employee experience, employing innovative techniques to deconstruct multiple parts of the referral and sourcing process.

ROIKOI joins the benefit of sourcing tools -- access to a vast network of passive candidates -- with those of employee referral programs -- a strong signal on talent and fit.

The company deploys strong scoring algorithms and leverages the vast network at their disposal for the client’s hiring benefits. “We score candidates specifically for each of our clients, based on a wealth of information so they have a perfectly ordered list of the candidates they should talk to and an order of preference for each candidate,” reveals Wolfe.

Andy Wolfe’s previous company exercised a rather successful recruiting sourcing strategy interviewing and meeting employees to study the prospective candidates they know and would like to work with again. “After more research, we found many modern companies source this way, but at its best, the process takes a total of about two hours of labor per employee yielding around ten names and a profile URL, if lucky. ROIKOI One-Click Referral delivers 35 names, including contact information, in less than ten minutes,” says Wolfe.

ROIKOI delivered over 4,000 referrals to HomeAway —the world’s leading online marketplace for the vacation rental industry, with sites representing over one million paid listings of vacation rental homes in 190 countries. This staggering number of referrals came from just 100 employees. The client saved hundreds of recruiting hours by not having to meet each employee individually and then hunt down the referrals’ contact information.

“Technology wise, recruiters are used to sourcing tools and employee referral tools. ROIKOI joins the benefit of sourcing tools access to a vast network of passive candidates with those of employee referral programs a strong signal on talent and fit,” concludes Wolfe.