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SENTIO: This Startup Makes Hiring Assessments More Accurate and Affordable for All Businesses

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AJ Richichi, Founder & CEO and Pete Richichi, COO, SENTIOAJ Richichi, Founder & CEO and Pete Richichi, COO
Building a team, department, or company of high performing employees that are engaged and effective is the ideal for every business leader. Unfortunately, in practice it is difficult to achieve, regardless of the resources at your disposal.

The reality is, the average business experiences 40 percent turnover yearly, and that statistic hasn’t been improving over time. In part, this is due to a lack of evolution, or for SENTIO a disrupting force, in the hiring process.

The average hire goes through a few interviews over the phone or in-person, their manager gets a general sense of their abilities, and ultimately hires on a belief they will be successful. This method is not objective and isn’t based on any of the past success for the hiring company.

A.J. Richichi, Founder of SENTIO, initially started thinking about this issue within the sports industry. He wanted to help NFL and MLB teams predict which college athletes were going to become successful at the next level— who was real professional star material.

“I turned to psychology, data science, and my background in artificial intelligence to find some correlation between the success of college athletes and the success of pro athletes,” says Richichi.

Quickly, AJ found that bringing this perspective to hiring for companies would provide tremendous value. In founding SENTIO, he created a hiring assessment platform that utilized the shared characteristics of a company’s current top performers, and scored incoming candidates against that success profile.

Today, the average cost of a hiring assessment is a staggering $250, which the average business cannot afford to use on each candidate.

We’re bringing hiring assessment technology typically reserved for corporations and c-suite hiring to the masses. Every company deserves effective hiring technology at an affordable price

By deploying SENTIO’s self-service, online assessment platform, hiring managers can recruit a candidate at just 25 cents or a 1000th of the costs incurred by their competitors. “At this cost, we can provide a hiring platform for every industry in the world,” says Richichi.

With SENTIO, the hiring manager needs to spend just about five minutes to register on the platform and they will be up and running in no time. SENTIO allows the hiring manager to send an online survey comprised of nine questions (available in five languages) to their top performing employees. SENTIO then analyzes the responses from the top performers to create a Success Profile. Subsequently, every prospective candidate is compared against the success profile. “We don’t presume to know what it takes to be successful in our client’s business or work culture. Through tailored reports, we help our clients find the candidates that have the highest probability to succeed,” says Richichi.

Not long ago, SENTIO helped a South Carolina-based restaurant group—Hall Management Group—hire a General Manager for a new location. Having built the “success profile” based on high performing employees, they surveyed five candidates and decided to interview all despite being informed who the best fit is and who isn’t. Within five minutes of speaking to the candidates, who were ranked low by SENTIO’s platform, they realized there wasn’t a good fit. “With SENTIO, I now only interview and hire people that have the core values, strengths, and needs to be our next top performer,” said Jim Wahlstrom, Director of Human Resources at Hall Management Group.

SENTIO’s SaaS-based platform is intuitive, cost-effective, and can be implemented by any organization irrespective of size. Innovating and adding new features continuously, SENTIO aims to continue expanding its clientele in 2019.