Source Direction: Reinventing Recruitment

Steve Bradley, Founder & CEO, Source DirectionSteve Bradley, Founder & CEO
It was a rough night for Steve Bradley, an interim CIO and systems architect, who was working with his recruiter to hire a substantial number of people for a large implementation project, with a deadline looming around the corner. The table was inundated with stacks of résumés and job description files, and to top it all, there was a clear disconnect in understanding the technical skills required. That was when it struck him, an idea that would change the face of recruitment. If the résumés consumed 60-90 days of time for the recruitment of even a handful of people, why not do away with them entirely? That was the premise based on which he founded Source Direction, and institutionalized his idea in a software solution— SDrecruit.

“It is more than just an applicant tracking system; it is a comparison matrix that allows hiring managers and recruiters to reduce the recruitment timeframe by weeks,” explains Bradley, who is the CEO of Source Direction. With a pre-defined set of skills according to the industry benchmarks, SDrecruit automatically matches candidates with an opportunity filled out by the recruiter. Essentially, Source Direction has organized candidature for a position with SDrecruit, providing a single view of hundreds of applicants—whose skills match the job requirement— ranking them according to the years of experience in those skills. SDrecruit’s ‘comparison matrix’ allows the recruiter to view candidates that tightly fit the required skills on a percentage basis, color-coded to provide a quick overview.

As a result, the recruiter need not have a technical understanding of the job description and can concentrate on conversational interactions with the candidate and hiring manager. Source Direction also includes a soft skill test module in partnership with Pairin, to gauge the culture and competency metrics of candidates.

SDrecruit is more than just an applicant tracking system, it is a comparison matrix that allows hiring managers and recruiters reduce the recruitment process length by weeks

The recruiter can focus on adding videos, summaries, contact details of the recruiter, and other information to their job posting on the software—which can be set up in under fifteen minutes—and share it publicly on job board sites and sourcing platforms with a URL. Candidates, on the other hand, can fill out their skills in an objective format, add chronological professional details, and share an overall professional video or videos for each skill.

A collaborative module recently released by Source Direction will also allow the recruiter to share the comparison matrix across the organization, a key advantage in filling out positions internally and establishing a clear form of communication between hiring managers and recruiters. As a certified partner of iCIMS, Source Direction also has the capability to interface with virtually any existing onboarding process their customer may have.

Taking the concept to a whole new level, the company has established a ‘culinary marketplace’ in close collaboration with cooking schools in Denver, and companies with massive volumes of recruitment, such as Sodexo and Ritz. “SDRecruit allows me to reach my target candidate pool without all of the hassle and static from having a relevant job posting out among all of the other job postings,” says Mary Ann Mathieu, a recruiter for Sodexo. Source Direction plans on bringing the marketplace concept to a majority of middle and low-skill profile candidates, who account for over 70 percent of the workforce in the U.S. The company also works with the Vocational Rehab Group of Denver and the Colorado Workforce Development Council, to onboard around 8,000 people with disabilities and connects them to companies that wish to hire them to fill seven percent of their workforces. In the ironic presence of both rising unemployment rates and talent dearth in a global industry, Source Direction provides the connectivity, visibility, and efficiency to make recruitments easy.