TargetRecruit: Workforce Management Solution, All on ONE platform

Reena Gupta, CEO, TargetRecruitReena Gupta, CEO
TargetRecruit may look like just another recruiting tool or an applicant tracking system, but it packs in much more. TargetRecruit is a functionally enhanced, integrated “platform” that provides an ecosystem of staffing and recruitment applications with data management and reports delivered in real time. Apps provide enhanced functionality that conforms to a client’s needs allowing them to manage as much or as little of the recruiting and human resources data as needed. Business intelligence is easily translated into a customizable dashboard and it all comes packaged on a Salesforce foundation provided via the cloud.

Reena Gupta, CEO, TargetRecruit, began her career as an IT consultant who eventually switched over to consulting independently. In time, she began to recruit IT resources for her clients and for the first time, she was on the other side of the recruitment process trying to protect the quality of the work deliverable by hiring quality resources. This led Reena to analyze and evaluate what worked well, what didn’t work and what type of data she needed to ensure quality resources were found, hired, and retained.

As part of a team of staffing executives and IT professionals developing recruitment technology, Reena realized the industry was quickly moving towards cloud platforms. By choosing to develop their technology on the platform - a marriage between technology and design was born. The “AppExchange world” of Salesforce literally exploded while TargetRecruit was still in the incubation center and by 2008, the team was beta testing with Salesforce. The relationship with a market leader turned out to be a key decision. The vision of TargetRecruit evolved into a “platform” vision, not just a point of service vision.

Getting the data analytics around HR will be the key differentiating factor for the growth of any company

Through TargetRecruit’s technology, clients can track data that provides insight into what they call “candidate marketing”, or prospecting to find talented resources who are interested in a specific type of work. Tracking data related to candidate marketing provides client insight into the most successful channels, and patterns emerge indicating the best sources for candidates. The client can now make informed budget decisions about where to focus their recruitment efforts and dollars.

TargetRecruit initially found their niche in providing back office technology to staffing companies. “Today, MSPs are using our systems to manage other vendors and staffing companies. The value of the product comes in when you open up the platform to other companies and providers to use your system to hire more and more,” says Reena. But their success behind the scenes is starting to create new opportunities for TargetRecruit including direct clients such as L’Oreal. In fact, their roadmap focuses on continuous improvement of the platform to make the end–to-end recruitment process more seamless beginning with running a marketing campaign for a candidate to skill assessment to hiring to background check and credential verification. TargetRecruit can also take it one step further and track billing, collections, and volume of sales providing a full integration of marketing, human resources, and sales data. “One of my favorite quotes is from a customer who said TargetRecruit made them a smarter company by eliminating repetitive, mundane processes and giving them the data they needed to find talent,” affirms Reena.

TargetRecruit’s success and strategies are built around providing their clients with consolidated real time data and analytics to run their business. “For any company, getting the data analytics around HR will be the key differentiating factor for the growth of the company,” concludes Reena.