Top 10 Recruitment Software Solution Providers - 2019

With the tightening of the labor market, talent acquisition professionals are in need of recruitment software solutions to streamline the recruitment process making it more efficient and effective. Recruiters who have adopted such software solutions are able to strategically continue the use of recruitment marketing and employer branding along with quality measurement of hire, improving the candidate experience.

Today, there are numerous recruitment software solutions powered by the emerging technologies of data prediction and sourcing system are helping recruiters automate various aspects of their daily workload. It is helping them leverage the rich data stores that they have assembled to create relevant, meaningful and actionable recruitment plans. Recruiters around the globe rely on big data, predictive and analytical models to personalize and optimize the different process of converting the prospective candidates into applicants. Modern recruitment software solutions help recruiters to cross all boundaries and get desirable results for better hires and to excel at identifying and surfacing ideal talent profiles.

To help CIOs navigate this flourishing landscape of recruitment software solutions, HR Tech Outlook has assessed a number of recruitment solution providers and has shortlisted the front-runners in providing cutting edge technological solutions. A distinguished panel comprising of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, industry analysts along with HR Tech Outlook’s editorial board, has reviewed several companies that exhibit a proven expertise in assisting a recruiter and shortlisted the ones that are distinctively prominent in the field.

We present to you HR Tech Outlook’s “Top 10 Recruitment Software Solution Providers -2019.”

Company Logo Company Name Company Description
BOLD Provides the products, tools, guidance, and support that job seekers need to transform their work lives
Buyer Talent Solutions Provides customized solutions in the areas of employer branding, search engine optimization, digital/social media strategies, recruitment marketing, website design, and strategic planning
HireBox The firm provides a testing and performance appraisals platform that enables SMBs to expand their company by hiring the right talent
HireIQ Solutions Developer of talent acquisition technology and virtual interviewing solution for the customer contact market
iHire iHire’s technology platform connects employers with qualified candidates through 56 industry-specific talent communities
Newton Labs Provides recruitment assistance to companies in search of technical operatives through the use of a program that uses sophisticated AI, and natural language processing
QJumpers Provides an AI-powered candidate search and applicant management system to streamline recruitment processes
Quintela Group Provides assessment and interview guide tools to streamline HR management operations
SENTIO SENTIO is a self-service, multilingual online hiring platform that offers predictive personality tests for 1/1000th the cost of traditional assessments. SENTIO hiring assessments discovers the shared characteristics of your top performing employees and uses that information to predict a new hire’s likelihood of success - before they’re hired! Offers a three-pronged subscription based solution for serious candidates, active recruiting professionals and employers looking for a low cost solution to aid in brand protection