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Doug Jackson, Co-CEO, BOLDDoug Jackson, Co-CEO
BOLD, a revolutionary job search company, was honored as a Top 10 Resume Software by HR Tech magazine. The honor was bestowed on BOLD for its incredible success in helping millions of job seekers in more than 100 countries create application materials that catch the eye of recruiters and hiring managers worldwide.

BOLD’s resume and cover letter tools, which are offered on the company’s LiveCareer, My Perfect Resume, and Resume- Now websites, have worked so well for job seekers that users report that they are accepting job offers, on average, 33 percent faster than before using the products, according to BOLD ‘s co-CEO Jamie Freundlich.

The company’s unique focus is on being the job seekers’ ally, no matter their profession or walk of life, by offering support throughout the process without collecting any fees from employers. In fact, BOLD’s success over a decade has relied entirely on the company’s ability to guide its users towards their next professional milestone—getting the job they want.

BOLD’s complete job search system helps job seekers’ professional goals become a reality. From resume and cover letter builders, to resume writing services, to an extensive bank of resume samples and examples for hundreds of job titles, BOLD’s products help job seekers across industries and career levels achieve professional success.

“We have created software that helps a job seeker navigate the landscape of finding a job, and the journey starts by creating a resume,” said BOLD’s co-CEO Doug Jackson. “Whether you are an hourly worker, a tradesman, or a white-collar professional, BOLD believes that everyone deserves to find a great job. With our tools and resources, we partner with job seekers to help make it happen.”

Today, a resume is a job seeker’s primary marketing document, their career passport that defines who they are and what they have to offer an employer.
Jamie Freundlich, Co-CEO

BOLD’s resume builder takes job seekers through a step-by-step process, offering guidance to craft an easily customizable, well-written, and well-organized document.Similarly, BOLD’s cover letter builder helps job seekers customize and complete their application materials for even more impact.

BOLD’s offerings are effective because they help applicants put their best foot forward in a competitive workforce by allowing them to personalize their resume for each job to which they apply. This is critical since a common challenge cited by recruiters and hiring managers is the difficulty they have finding candidates with the right skill sets to fill their job openings.

Unlike the offerings of its competitors, BOLD’s tools are designed to help jobseekers narrow that divide by teaching job seekers to write resumes and cover letters that are personalized to the job ad so that they better outline the applicant’s experience and skills for recruiters and hiring managers.

Customization is also critical because up to 64 percent of companies today use an applicant tracking system (ATS) to screen out unqualified candidates. BOLD’s resume builder helps users create documents that are ATS-friendly by suggesting industry-specific keywords that increase the chances that a resume will rank well in the algorithm used by ATSs and be seen by a human recruiter.

Finally, the builder automatically checks for formatting problems and spelling and grammar errors so that job seekers can apply for jobs they want feeling confident that their resumes are well-written and error-free.

“Our system is really easy to use, and we have made sure it’s accessible to experienced and first-time resume writers alike,” Freundlich said.

BOLD’s job search guidance doesn’t stop once the application materials are complete. Its robust offerings include a proprietary job search system, with a database capable of matching millions of users to millions of jobs around the world, making BOLD the most complete job search tool on the market.
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Doug Jackson, Co-CEO and Jamie Freundlich, Co-CEO

BOLD believes everyone deserves to find a great job, and that they can help make it happen. That’s what gets them fired up and excited to come to work each day. They believe in pushing the envelope and leading, not following. They celebrate the passion, teamwork, and innovation. Their online destinations provide unique solutions that help people find jobs, and employers find people. Each one of the exclusive brands is dedicated to making a meaningful, positive impact on the lives and careers of their customers, and the hard-working employees