Recruitics: Enabling the Future of Recruitment and Talent Acquisition

Josh Gampel, CEO, RecruiticsJosh Gampel, CEO
With the rise of recruitment marketing, HR and talent acquisition professionals find themselves with bigger budgets to manage and more ambitious goals to hit. Unfortunately, while their responsibilities have grown, technology hasn’t kept pace—meaning more work at a higher cost.

According to Josh Gampel, CEO of Recruitics, this technology gap is exactly what makes his company’s recruitment marketing analytics and automation platform a powerful tool for HR and talent acquisition professionals.

“Businesses are creating strategies to address old recruitment obstacles through the new lens of marketing,” says Gampel. “And while recruitment marketing provides them a path towards success, the legacy technologies that formerly dominated the industry have been slow to adapt.”

And, without the proper technology, recruitment marketing can become incredibly difficult, essentially leaving recruitment marketers handcuffed.

Recruitics was among the first in the industry to identify this problem. According to Gampel, the traditional marketing and advertising spaces are normally a few years ahead of the recruitment industry when it comes to technology. Recruitics, then, found their opening by closing the technology gap between traditional and recruitment marketing.

In 2012, Recruitics Analytics was born. The product’s intention was simple: provide recruiters with an easy-to-understand platform that distributes jobs to top job search engines like Indeed and SimplyHired and provide deep analytics to measure these jobs’ performance.

“Our key differentiator was our ability to provide analytics that showed how many clicks and applications every single job a recruiter distributed received, as well as the associated costs,” Gampel says. “It worked, and it took on a life of its own from there.”

Today, Recruitics’ products include Recruitics Analytics and Recruitics Action—products employees affectionately refer to as the “Google Analytics” and “Google AdWords” for jobs, respectively—and the Recruitics Agency.

“Recruitics Action and Recruitics Analytics really go hand in hand,” Gampel says.
Once Recruitics realized the depth of the analytics they could provide through their platform, Recruitics Action was developed as a programmatic buying solution that could automate the management and optimization of job advertisements on multiple sites at once.

“With Recruitics Analytics we created a product that provided us with the information we needed to understand which jobs and sources were performing well and which weren’t,” Gampel states.“We then used that data to program rules into Recruitics Action which governs how budget is spent on which jobs, in order to adjust marketing performance.”

The results? Recruitics found a way to identify wasted spend within recruitment marketing budgets and eliminate it through an automated process. Clients who used their product quickly discovered that Recruitics could help them dramatically increase their recruitment marketing ROI.

For example, one such client—a $3 billion business—was running a strategy with deficiencies that had a significantly negative effect on their spend. They were spending considerably on jobs that had already received more than enough clicks and applicants for that company to make a hire with the pool of talent they had attracted. Recruitics Analytics helped them identify this and similar issues and, through Recruitics Action, was able to optimize their strategy to eliminate this wasteful spending.

“Our platform helps clients understand exactly how much they spend per job, and our programmatic buying platform allows them to set rules which automatically stop spending on jobs when the investment becomes greater than the need,” according to Gampel.

Recruitics has come a long way since 2012. Recruitics Analytics and Recruitics Action now work with, and distribute to, more than 50 leading performance-based job sites globally. Their service layer, Recruitics Agency, gives clients access to a team of recruitment marketing experts that help them set strategies and get the most out of Recruitics’ products. And, the Recruitics team continues to innovate, today.

Just this year, they released Job Slot Optimization—a feature within Recruitics Action that allows recruiters to optimize their job slots on sites like LinkedIn and DICE—as well as End-to-End Analytics which integrates Recruitics with leading ATS platforms to help recruiters understand important metrics like cost-per-quality-applicant and cost-per-hire.

According to Gampel, however, this is just the start.

“We are all about expansion of our products and services,” Gampel says. “After a successful launch in London last year, I anticipate we’ll continue to grow our European presence and look into opening more offices across the U.S. as well.”