Resou Edge: Online Resume Sourcing and Recruiting Made Easy

Phil Gonzalez, Founder, Resource EdgePhil Gonzalez, Founder
Success of an organization rests solely on its strong and talented workforce for which effective recruitment strategies are critical. Comprehending the need to streamline the time consuming online sourcing process while managing his IT staffing firm in the Silicon Valley, Phil Gonzalez launched Resource Edge in 1999. Resource Edge’s comprehensive online sourcing solution, TalentHook, eliminates the pain points for high volume recruitment by shortening the time to source, build prospect pipelines and fill open jobs. TalentHook offers the most diverse and comprehensive reach for prospects available online through a broad range of over 2300 source types, including paid and free resume sources. “Our system allows recruiters to schedule future searches, prevents duplicate resumes and displays the results rank-wise which enable the recruiters to target the top prospects,” says Gonzalez, Founder, Resource Edge.

TalentHook has evolved from a powerful and respected search workhorse to a fully customizable, versatile candidate relationship management solution designed to serve as the invisible “admin” for today’s most aggressive recruiters. The powerful set of administrative and reporting tools automate a recruiter’s daily processes such as organizing and prioritizing search results and candidates, ranking resumes, tracking, and reporting on recruitment activity and daily communication that help engage prospective candidates through the hiring cycle.

TalentHook’s proven success reflects in the positive changes experienced by clients in their business metrics—more interviews conducted per office, more prospects presented for jobs, shorter recruitment times and a significantly improved recruitment experience for their candidates.

Leveraging over two decades of collective experience in recruitment, Resource Edge offers bulk email distribution through a white list server, which ensures that email campaigns from the users are recognized as legitimate correspondence and delivered successfully to the recipient’s inbox.

TalentHook allows recruiters to schedule future searches, prevents duplicate resumes and displays the results rank-wise which enables the recruiters to target the top prospects

“The emails are automated to begin distribution at the point of candidate retrieval and include full customization including inserting personal details about the candidate to help facilitate a better connection between the recruiter and their target,” adds Gonzalez. Likewise, TalentHook’s spam trigger warning system, aids the user in creating content that avoids being marked as spam.

Gonzalez firmly believes that great ideas can only result from mustering the courage and the spirit to explore and convert every ‘no’ into ‘how’ and make things work. To capture and streamline another major element of the front-end process‘job posting’, Resource Edge has released a job posting aggregator which is integrated with many popular job posting outlets like CareerBuilder, Monster, Zip Recruiter, LinkedIn and others. In the wake of sourcing professionals leveraging social networks and professional communities, ‘DirectLink’ an element introduced within the job posting aggregator gives users the option of creating their own company branded job landing and application page. This directs applicants to submit their resume directly into the TalentHook application for consideration.

To effectively tackle recruitment challenges within the Insurance and Financial Services market, Resource Edge’s signature InsuraSeek product has unique differences within its search and the administrative framework. These include industry established search libraries with over 10,000 available search strings that eliminate Insurance and Financial Service recruiters from having to develop their own search strategies.

While continuing to refine and broaden the powerful reporting tools through which clients can report and track every possible activity in the application, the firm is introducing admin controls to manage the access rights to its service for the enterprise clients. “In the next two years, our bigger step forward is into relationship management, expanding our service and features to make our solutions even more customizable and adaptable to any client business service environment,” concludes Gonzalez.