Ultimate Software: Game Changing Recruitment Experience

Scott Scherr Chairman, President, & CEO, Ultimate SoftwareScott Scherr Chairman, President, & CEO
As the economy continues to improve and the job market rebounds, employees are increasingly setting out to explore different job options. Attracting talent is becoming increasingly competitive. With LinkedIn and online job applications gaining traction, the world of recruiting is going entirely digital. In this digital realm, the complexity of traditional recruiting systems can make it difficult for a candidate to truly engage with an organization, alongside making it extremely challenging for organizations to find the right talent. Following the digital transformation in the recruitment processes, Ultimate Software provides a unique, candidate-centric solution— UltiPro Recruiting that empowers organizations to engage candidates with simple technology that they would want to use. “UltiPro Recruiting is very different from other recruiting technologies, because we designed the solution to take our customers beyond the traditional resume-driven process,” states Adam Rogers, CTO, Ultimate Software.

Engaging people in the talent acquisition process is often difficult for many organizations. To attract efficient candidates, it is crucial for businesses to consider the recruiting process like a consumer interaction and design the experience around the candidate. UltiPro Recruiting is built using innovative user-experience design principles, including ethnographic research about job seekers and recruiters, real-world observation of candidate interactions with the online job application process, eye-tracking technology, and input from Ultimate’s existing customers. Implementing the principles of gamification, networking, collaboration, portability, and integration with existing career profile sites such as LinkedIn, UltiPro Recruiting enables applicants to build a holistic online presence with an organization versus a one-dimensional resume. This state-of-the-art approach towards candidate engagement allows companies to assess not only the skills and experience but the qualities that more effectively determine long-term success with an organization— such as innate competencies, behaviors, motivation, and future career potential.

Our person-centric technology improves the work experience and, as a result, strengthens the business

Using UltiPro Recruiting, companies can instantaneously begin to cultivate successful, long-term relationships with their employees from the very start.

“Engagement of people has always been central to Ultimate Software’s business philosophy, as we believe successful candidates become successful employees,” says Rogers. Ultimate Software seamlessly merges people and technology in such a way that the Human Capital Management (HCM) tools that companies use don’t get in the way of the work that they do. Ultimate’s engagement with SUBWAY, the leading submarine sandwich restaurant is a case in point. SUBWAY’s headquarters used a payroll service bureau for its U.S. based payroll processes as well as in-house databases and spreadsheets to store and manage HR data. SUBWAY wanted to streamline its end-to-end HR processes as well as enhance the HR team’s ability to recruit and retain a high-performance workforce, but they lacked a comprehensive solution that could centralize the process. On consolidating its HCM processes with Ultimate’s UltiPro Recruitment, SUBWAY transformed its multinational talent acquisition by delivering global recruitment metrics as well as improved collaboration and communication among executives, HR, and managers. With instant reports available to the manager, SUBWAY experienced a range of improved business outcomes, including significant enhancements to its processes for recruitment, performance management, and compensation.

“Our person-centric technology improves the work experience and, as a result, strengthens the business,” cites Scott Scherr, Chairman, President, and CEO, Ultimate Software. “And across our company, our employees know that one of our primary responsibilities is to help our customers achieve success,” he adds. As a result, Ultimate is constantly innovating and expanding the value of UltiPro for the people who use the solutions. With tagline—People First, the company is clearly stating what is vitally important to every company.