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Top 10 Recruitment Software Solution Companies - 2019

In today’s business world, the recruitment process has become complex; recruitment agencies compete with other companies to find the best potential employees while businesses wade through a massive number of applicants to find a suitable candidate. However, recruitment process becomes time-consuming when the recruiters and hiring managers are overloaded with resumes. Every application they receive has to be sorted and sent to the relevant personnel for review, and later the candidates have to be screened, interviewed, and onboarded. Sifting through volumes of applications can make recruitment a nightmare. With the advent of technology, the HR industry is increasingly moving away from the traditional practices of recruitment and employing innovative recruitment software.

Compared to the practices of the yesteryears, the recruitment process is now technology driven and much more efficient. Today, most of the HR departments employ easy-to-use online recruitment software to track job openings, candidates, resumes, clients, and contacts more quickly and effectively. This allows recruiting professionals to spend lesser time on the paperwork and more time doing what they do best—hiring the right candidate. However, what are the possibilities that an individual will accept the job? And, if the person comes on board, will he be a long-term asset to the company or quit after less than a year? Recruitment professionals are depending on predictive analytics software to answer such questions.

Software professionals are unlocking the potential of predictive analytics for developing recruitment software. From job advertising to onboarding a candidate, HR managers are streamlining and optimizing every aspect of recruitment with the help of predictive analytics infused recruitment software. Some of the recruitment software providers are also using chatbots artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to screen candidates. The candidates are required to answer a few questions about their skills and desired work, then the chatbot searches through the list of different job roles and notifies them of possibilities.

Today, many candidates also interview for jobs over platforms such as Skype, which eliminates the need for physical presence at the venue. Recruitment professionals are developing AI and machine learning (ML) platforms that will help HR managers connect with eligible candidates. For example, ML can screen the resumes of desirable applicants and automatically send them emails for a particular job role. Tools such as recruitment marketing software and applicant tracking system (ATS) are empowering talent acquisition professionals to find and hire the best candidates. Employing ATS, HR managers are organizing and accelerating the hiring process. ATS empowers HR departments to post and manage job ads across multiple job sites, and maintains a database of new applicants and candidates who might be available for future openings.

With hundreds of recruitment software available in the market, how to determine which ones are worth investing in? To highlight the best of recruitment tools, we bring this edition of HR Tech Outlook’s “Top 10 Recruitment Software Solution Providers - 2019.”

Top Recruitment Software Companies

Provides the products, tools, guidance, and support that job seekers need to transform their work lives

Provides customized solutions in the areas of employer branding, search engine optimization, digital/social media strategies, recruitment marketing, website design, and strategic planning

The firm provides a testing and performance appraisals platform that enables SMBs to expand their company by hiring the right talent

Developer of talent acquisition technology and virtual interviewing solution for the customer contact market

iHire’s technology platform connects employers with qualified candidates through 56 industry-specific talent communities

Provides recruitment assistance to companies in search of technical operatives through the use of a program that uses sophisticated AI, and natural language processing

Provides an AI-powered candidate search and applicant management system to streamline recruitment processes

SENTIO is a self-service, multilingual online hiring platform that offers predictive personality tests for 1/1000th the cost of traditional assessments. SENTIO hiring assessments discovers the shared characteristics of your top performing employees and uses that information to predict a new hire’s likelihood of success - before they’re hired!

Offers a three-pronged subscription based solution for serious candidates, active recruiting professionals and employers looking for a low cost solution to aid in brand protection

Quintela Group

Quintela Group

Provides assessment and interview guide tools to streamline HR management operations