Top 10 Recruitment Software Solution Providers - 2018

With the tightening of the labor market, talent acquisition professionals are in need of recruitment software solutions to streamline the recruitment process making it more efficient and effective. Recruiters who have adopted such software solutions are able to strategically continue the use of recruitment marketing and employer branding along with quality measurement of hire, improving the candidate experience.

Today, there are numerous recruitment software solutions powered by the emerging technologies of data prediction and sourcing system are helping recruiters automate various aspects of their daily workload. It is helping them leverage the rich data stores that they have assembled to create relevant, meaningful and actionable recruitment plans. Recruiters around the globe rely on big data, predictive and analytical models to personalize and optimize the different process of converting the prospective candidates into applicants. Modern recruitment software solutions help recruiters to cross all boundaries and get desirable results for better hires and to excel at identifying and surfacing ideal talent profiles.

To help CIOs navigate this flourishing landscape of recruitment software solutions, HR Tech Outlook has assessed a number of recruitment solution providers and has shortlisted the front-runners in providing cutting edge technological solutions. A distinguished panel comprising of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, industry analysts along with HR Tech Outlook’s editorial board, has reviewed several companies that exhibit a proven expertise in assisting a recruiter and shortlisted the ones that are distinctively prominent in the field.

We present to you HR Tech Outlook’s “Top 10 Recruitment Software Solution Providers -2018.”

Company Logo Company Name Company Description
Applicantstarter Applicantstarter is an automated applicant communication system that is designed specifically for companies to improve their recruitment process
bambooHR SaaS-based company providing subscription-based HR software for SMEs
Beamery Beamery is candidate relationship software built for companies that are proactive about engaging the best talent without just relying on applications
Fit First Technologies Fit First Technologies is a unique fit-based system that helps businesses focus first on fit, then to look at experience and credentials of potential candidates
Fusion Recruiting Labs Builds employment tools that accelerate hiring processes and increase the efficiency of recruitment advertising campaigns
iHire iHire provides recruitment solutions that are dedicated to connecting employers with qualified professionals who match the exact skill set
Info Cubic Providing accurate background screening reports to every client, regardless of size
PandoLogic Provides a programmatic recruitment advertising platform to deliver performance-based recruitment
Renhead Provides a comprehensive and flexible recruitment solution that offers complete visibility and a neutral setting for hiring the right candidate
Source Direction Source Direction offers a software solution to automatically match candidates to job requirements according to specific skills and rank them by years of experience